Thursday, September 29, 2011

Clayton's 32! June 15th, 2011

For Clayton's 32rd birthday this year my parents got him new glasses! His old perscription was about 4 years old and was in desperate need of updating. While at the doctor's office he decided to get fitted for contacts too just to see if he would like them.
He looks so sexy in his new glasses and has had a lot of fun with his trial contacts. For the first time in years he has been able to wear sun glasses. Sunglasses were one of his other birthday gifts:)
He loves swimming with the contacts and being able to see clearly while in the pool and not having to worry about putting on his glasses immediately after getting out.
To celebrate we had a big Thanksgiving dinner since it's one of his favorite meals and I actually made the turkey! We also had a game night with a bunch of our friends and family members later in the week complete with Rock Band, card games and lots of Mexican food!!!
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