Monday, September 27, 2010

July 17th The BEACH!!!

On July 17th while my cousin Julia was in town we decided last minute to go to the beach. My sisters, Julia, Cardon and myself piled into the car and started out on our adventure around 11am. A little late in the day for a trip to the beach??? Nah!
Around 3:30 we were getting sandwiches just blocks away from the beach and we were so excited to play in the sand and water. We soon discovered that getting on the beach was going to be more difficult than we had hoped. There was a major traffic jam and no parking anywhere to be found. After a little over an hour we finally found some parking and found our way to the water.

There were a ton of people there but that didn't matter to us!

Cardon's first beach visit!


Julia and Suzi

"Hi Auntie!"