Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July 5th Rock Band

Over the 4th of July weekend we had a great time hanging out with family. We love getting together when we all have the chance to play Rock Band. I usually sit it out and watch, but occasionally I will sing. MaryAnn is our main lead singer and does an amazing "Tom Sawyer". Suzi is great at the bass and Michael, Clayton and Mike switch off on the drums, guitar, and every so often will sing. I love that we are all so close and love to hang out with each other.

Cardon was lulled to sleep by Oasis' Wonderwall.

Baptisms 2010

The start of the summer for my family brought a lot of missionary work. We were blessed to be apart of two baptisms. On May 1st MaryAnn's boyfriend Mike Moon was baptized and on June 12th Michael's girlfriend Brittany Hogan was baptized. We are so lucky to know both of them and are happy for their progress in the gospel. Good Luck you guys, we love you!



June Birthdays!!!

June seemed to be pretty busy with Birthdays. Our friends Sean and Natalie have the same birthday, June 1st and Clayton is June 15th. We made some cakes and watched a lot of Hells Kitchen to celebrate.

May 31st First time in the pool

If you've ever spent any time with Clayton in the summer then you know that he loves to swim. He has been excited to take Cardon for his first swim ever since he was born. When the weather started to get hot he made sure that everyone knew that HE was taking Cardon in the pool before anyone else. So as soon as Clayton had a day off we went swimming. Cardon was so cute and loved the water. Now he wants to swim all the time just like his Daddy.

Just before getting in the pool. Daddy waiting patiently...
(yes that's a puppy in the pool on the right, we can't keep her out)

Getting in his jet ski that his Nonna bought him...

My two boys having a blast in the pool together!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

April 27th Cardon's 1st haircut

Cardon's hair grows like a weed! He has a lot of it (surprise, surprise, look at my hair) and it gets so shaggy. I originally wanted to wait to cut his hair until he was 1 but it just couldn't wait. He was 8 months old here and not too cooperative throughout the process. Hopefully the next one will be better, not likely though.

My Handsome Boy!

Bath time!!!!

Since Cardon has started to move around more on his own he has been needing more baths. His knees and hands get so dirty all of the time but he is having a great time being more and more independent every day. He has also started feeding himself and that has made for more baths as well. Luckily he LOVES the bath! It doesn't matter if he's in the tub, sink, whatever, he loves playing in the water and getting clean.

April 10th, A Great Day

April 1oth was a fun filled Saturday spent with family. We took Cardon in the spa for the first time and then to the park for his first picnic and then after a long day he passed out on Auntie MaryAnn while watching a movie.

April 9th, Cardon's Visit to LPA

I've been working for La Petite Academy off and on since I was sixteen years old. It has been a great place to work and has offered me many opportunities. Unfortunately I cannot afford to bring Cardon there with me while I work :( He was able to visit one day for a little while and I was able to see him for the first time in a Preschool setting. I was a little nervous how he would do around all the other children, but he did great! He played mostly with Bradford and really loved the toddler class teacher, Ms. Sheryl.

April 4th General Conference

This was our first time attending General Conference in person. It was such an amazing experience. I would love to go again if given the chance. My cousin Tai (LOVE HER) came with us and we had a blast. We took the tram right to temple square and took some time to walk around the temple and enjoy the grounds.

Inside the conference center we had some really amazing seats. Sara works with one of the daughters of an Apostle and got us tickets in the family section. Wow was it awesome to be sitting that close to so many servants of the Lord.

April 3rd and 4th

Easter in Sugar House!

For Easter we took my sister Suzi and Cardon to Salt Lake City to visit Clayton's sisters and attend General Conference. We had a great time staying at Sara's CUTE new house and seeing all the sights that Sugar House had to offer. Clayton's other sister Danielle is a great photographer and took a ton of great pictures for us while we were there.

Thanks Sara and Danielle for a Great time!!! Can't wait to do it again.