Thursday, September 29, 2011

Clayton's 32! June 15th, 2011

For Clayton's 32rd birthday this year my parents got him new glasses! His old perscription was about 4 years old and was in desperate need of updating. While at the doctor's office he decided to get fitted for contacts too just to see if he would like them.
He looks so sexy in his new glasses and has had a lot of fun with his trial contacts. For the first time in years he has been able to wear sun glasses. Sunglasses were one of his other birthday gifts:)
He loves swimming with the contacts and being able to see clearly while in the pool and not having to worry about putting on his glasses immediately after getting out.
To celebrate we had a big Thanksgiving dinner since it's one of his favorite meals and I actually made the turkey! We also had a game night with a bunch of our friends and family members later in the week complete with Rock Band, card games and lots of Mexican food!!!
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Lots of changes!

This Spring has come with many surprises. The biggest one came when Clayton's mom needed to move in with us back in April. We only have a small 2 bedroom town home but we definitely make it work. We are currently in the process of selling our home so we can all move to something a little bigger. Yay!!! Hopefully that will happen soon. One of the other changes that came with Clayton's mom is what we eat. She has to eat gluten free. For a fun Family Home Evening May 23rd we made Gluten-Free Pizza!
We had a lot of fun and it tasted great! I love this picture of my two boys, they are so cute!
Clayton is adorable in his apron.

Suzi's last dance performance.

May 2011
Suzi's Junior Year
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Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day this year was a special one. Clayton and Cardon made sure it was beautiful and let me rest a lot. We went to my parents for dinner and had a ton of appetizers, Yummy, and a delicious dinner. The evening ended with some gifts that Clayton had carefuly thought out. He had been searching for the Cinderella dvd since it's my favorite movie and has been in the Disney vault for a while. I was so surprised when I opened it! I also got a butter dish!!! This may sound crazy but I had been looking for a specific butter dish for months and now I have it! What a great day.

I love being a mom. Cardon is such a joy to be around and I am so blessed to have him in my home. I sometimes get overwelmed with the responsibility that Heavenly Father has given me. I feel so inadequate sometimes but I know that I'm doing my best and I have so much help and great examples of motherhood around me to look up to.

Our 3rd Anniversary!

Our anniversary was May 3rd and we decided that we needed to get "away" just the two of us for a day or so. Clayton's mom was kind enough to watch Cardon while we had a little stay-cation. We booked a suite at the Tuscany for.... wait for it..... $29!!! It was really nice and big. We had a huge bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and a nice big shower, a living area and a kitchen. For dinner we went to the Bellagio buffet and ate until we thought we were going to explode! The next day we hung out, walked around the strip a little and had a really fun lunch at Serendipity 3 at the Caesars Palace.
I can't believe it's been 3 years already. We have had some bumps along the way but we are still very much in love. Clayton is my best friend in the whole world! I just wish we had more time to spend together.
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End of April trip to SLC

My sister-in-law had her business launch party where she unveiled "Sugarhouse Vintage". She is very crafty and creates beautiful works of art in the form of clothes, repurposed antiques, table linens, etc. While up in Utah MaryAnn, Cardon and I also visited some historical church sites including "This is the place" monument where we took a picture of the name of one of our ancestors who came across the plains with Brigham Young.
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More Easter Pictures....

Cardon, Michael, Brittany, MaryAnn, Suzi, Christine, Ann, Scott, Becky, Sicily and Gabriella!
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Easter Egg Hunt

This year Cardon was old enough to hunt for eggs. He had a lot of fun searching and finding all the money and candy inside.
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Easter Morning

Cardon was so groggy Easter morning but we couldn't wait to get him up and see him with his Easter basket.
He got a ton of candy, peeps, shoes, a piggy bank (he loves money), and a golf set.
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Puppy Zaugg #2

On February 22nd I had a positive pregnancy test. Our first appointment with my OBGYN was March 23rd and we were able to see our little one for the first time. We have since learned that we are having a GIRL!!! We are so excited. I have been sewing like crazy trying to get ready for her arrival. My due date is October 23rd.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cardon's first trip to the STRIP!!!

March 22nd, 2011

We decided for a fun family outing we would drive down Las Vegas Blvd. since Cardon had never been before (we really don't make it to the strip very often).
We started our little adventure downtown and stopped at Luv It's frozen custard before making our way down the strip.
Cardon really had fun looking at all the lights and kept oohing and ahhing. It was really cute.

By the time we made our way all the way down Cardon was OUT!
Fun family time. I love my boys!

A busy day in the life of a super hero!

March 15th, 2011

My sister's then boyfriend made some little comics and I thought they were really cute and wanted to share.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

18 month pictures

We've taken Cardon to get his pictures taken for all of his milestones. For 18 months since it was close to Valentine's day he wore his Red plaid church outfit. I can't believe how fast he's grown.

He even took a couple with Mama and Nana.

Cardon's obsession with "Cars" the movie.

Cardon really loves the movie Cars. He was always wanting to watch it. Begging and crying for it even. Michael's girlfriend Brittany offered to let us use her portable dvd player so he could watch it without always taking over the family room tv and could even go into his room and watch when he wanted to. He quickly became very proficient with the dvd player and could turn it on, start the movie, and turn it off all on his own.

I think these pictures are adorable! Eventually he wore out the dvd player (now we owe Brittany a new one) and the actual dvd :(

Flying for the first time!

February 25th-27th

Back in February we learned that my Aunt Jennifer who lives in NC would be visiting my grandparents in Modesto, CA. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to see her, my mom and I decided to look into flights to go and visit. We flew out Friday afternoon from Vegas to Stockton. Cardon had never been on a plane before. He did really well for his first time and liked looking out the window.

Playing Scrabble with cousins and aunts is always a favorite activity when we are all in town!

Even though we were only gone a couple of days everyone missed Cardon like crazy. When we got back to Vegas they had a huge welcome home sign for Cardon and they were all there.