Monday, December 28, 2009

San Francisco

We went to California for Christmas. It was a really great trip for us. We started our trip 1:30am Saturday, Dec. 19. We decided to leave during the night so Cardon could sleep the entire time in the car. Our plan worked out really well. He slept almost the whole way only waking up to eat. We arrived in Modesto around 8 in the morning. We saw Papa Tony for an hour and then it was back in the car for us. We had planned on going to Paradise from there but decided to take a detour through San Francisco first.

While there we spent most of our time at Pier 39. We had clam chowder in bread bowls, window shopped, and bought tons of salt water taffy.

Cardon taking a nap.

Cardon getting a little fussy. Needs some loves from Mommy.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!

This is what my house looked like while wrapping presents...
shopping bags everywhere, tape, wrapping paper, boxes, stockings, etc.

Can you find the baby in that mess?

Finally all put back together!!!

We finished our baking!

Cardon even helped get ready for Christmas!!!

Below is my 4 footer on the stairs. It is my "czech tree". I bought all the ornaments while serving my mission in the Czech Republic. They are made from straw and have silver glitter on them. They come in the shape of stars, reindeer, and angels.

This one is our main tree in the family room. I really love it. It is covered with handmade ornaments that Clayton's sister Sara made using buttons from their Grandmother's collection.
Looks like we're all ready!

Christmas Card Photo Shoot!

Every year we try to take a good family picture to send with our Christmas Cards.
This is the one we chose for ours. I was so happy that we got a good one of Cardon smiling. He smiles all the time now and in the last week has gotten really good at giggling!
He is toooooo cute!

Below are other pictures we took the same day...
Gotta love the tongue hanging out!
He does this all the time when he smiles.

Close up.

The whole family. This is the picture that went out with my parent's cards.

My beautiful sister Suzi! She was just having fun.

Grandparents with their babies.

Cardon loves his Auntie.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2 month portraits

When Cardon was 2 months old we took him to the mall to take some portraits. We're a little late in posting them on here but they are definitely worth the wait :)

Clayton's fave!

Our little family!

Kissy lips!
Always begging to be kissed.

Blessing outfit.

With Mama!

With Daddy!

Vintage pictures.

The hat is way too big.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Suzi's Sweet 16 Birthday Party! 12/04/2009

For Suzi's 16th Birthday we had a huge 20's blowout!
A bunch of her friends came dressed up and had a great time dancing, playing cards, playing ping pong, taking pictures, eating and hanging out around the fire pit.

Suzi right before blowing out the candles on her gorgeous cake.

MaryAnn found this adorable vintage dress last minute and she looked fab in it!

The mobsters hit up the party!

The whole group.

She looks like a real flapper.

Suzi with the "old ladies" at the party...
Almost everyone there was 18 or younger but we still had a blast!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We had a nice Thanksgiving this year. It was Cardon's first and he had a blast watching football, being held by all the family members, and eating
(just a taste) mashed potatoes and gravy, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream. Thanksgiving was at my parents house and they also had the Kirklin family over.

Cardon loves to watch football. It sounds crazy but it's true. It doesn't matter where he is or what he is doing, if football is on tv he will turn his head until he can see it. He really loved watching the Colts play on Thanksgiving. He cried when the commercials came on and when we changed the channel. Future Football Star???

Grandpa, Uncle and Cardon waiting for Turkey.

Suzi made the pumpkin pies and I made the apple pies.

My beautiful mom and her beautiful table.

Spending time with Family

We always try to spend Sundays with family. We have a great time eating, playing games and talking together. These pictures are all from different Sundays in November.

Grandpa takes such good care of Cardon.

Cardon with Grandpa and Uncle

Anyone who knows Clayton knows that he loves his sweater vests, and now Cardon does too!

Suzi dyed her hair dark so we all matched. Although she's had a blast being a brunette with us, she really loves and misses her blonde hair. She'll be going blonde again soon.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving we had Clayton's mom over for dinner.
Cardon loved being held by Grandma Becky.