Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Gigi girls" Graduation

We brought home a puppy back in February. She is an all black chihuahua /terrior mix. She has the best little personality and loves everyone. She isn't even a year yet and is quite hyper still. Throughout the summer she has been going to puppy training classes and a few weeks ago she graduated! She did very well in her classes and has improved at home too. She still has a few things to work on but overall we are very happy with the outcome. She is our sweet "Gigi girls". She loves to go over to my parents house and "play" with their yorkie. I say "play" because she thinks they are playing but he is really running away from her. He is a older and doesn't want to be bothered by her. She loves men and is a little flirt. Her favorite men are my dad, Clayton, our friend Dave and our friend Sean.

She has strong maternal instincts. She has a collection of "babies" (little stuffed animals), and she carries them around everywhere and bathes them at night then puts them in her bed with her. It is the cutest thing ever. On the 4th of July she didn't get scared of the fireworks but my parent's dog did. Gigi spent the evening trying to console him by staying close and licking him. A while ago we rescued a kitten and her motherly side came out yet again. She spent the entire weekend bathing the kitten and carrying it in her mouth. She was sad when we gave the kitten away, but I can't do a puppy, kitten, and a baby all at the same time. She is such a sweetheart!

Baby Shower 7/18/09

My cousin Randelle, my mom and sisters threw me a very nice shower. They put a lot of hard work into it. Everything was great! The food was amazing and the games were a lot of fun!
Cardon isn't even born yet and he is the most spoiled baby on earth!
Thanks to all who came and had a good time.