Sunday, February 28, 2010

CES 2010

Every year Clayton goes to the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.
He looks forward to this every year and has a blast with his friends. It's like a guys day out for them. This year he said that there were a ton of cool things. Here are some pictures.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

100 monkeys concert

A few Saturdays ago some friends and I went to the 100 monkeys concert. We had never heard about the band before but learned that Jackson Rathbone was in it. Jackson plays Jasper in Twilight and New Moon. Naturally we had to go, especially since tickets were just $18 and that included the meet and greet. We were not all that impressed with the band but it was fun to meet all of them afterwards and get some autographs!

Cris and Me!



Nelle and Cris

Jackson is the one singing and facing the audience on the left.
He had a beetles thing going on with his hair and glasses.
I know these are really bad pictures, sorry.
Here he is again only he's not singing this time.

After the concert we got some pictures with some look-a-likes that were standing outside of the Hard Rock on the strip.
Edward Cullen and Jack Sparrow.
Why they were together I will never know.... Only in Vegas!

January 22, 2010

Handsome had to go to the hospital for surgery in January. It was nothing too serious just a circumcision. We had to wait to get it done until now because of some problems he had in that area that prevented him from getting it done in the doctor's office when he was a few day old. We were a little nervous because they had to put him under. I think that the worst part for Cardon was that he couldn't eat 8 hours before the surgery. Even on an empty stomach he was still in a great mood. The worst part for me was when I had to hand him off to the nurse and we went down the hallway one way and they went down another. I was so relieved when the Doctor came out and told us that everything went well and we could go and be with him while he was waking up.

Recovery went well. He slept for about a day after surgery and had a sore throat for a couple of days from the tube they put down it.
Everything is now healed up and he is doing better than ever.

In his hospital gown getting ready for surgery.

The wagon at the hospital was a life saver during the hour before they took him back. He was so hungry!

Just waking up! Kind of happy to see momma but still groggy.

He wanted to stand once he was awake- his favorite thing to do.

Jan - Feb Random

I love how he sleeps, it's so cute. He's so all over the place.

He loves his Elmo doll that Santa brought.

Big boy at the dinner table!
Every Sunday he sits at the big table for dinner and begs to be fed.
His favorite is when we have mashed potatoes and gravy! YUM!!!

Clayton brings him to my work to visit all the girls.
Here he is with Kash.

Somebody loves being held by Auntie... who could it be?

Naked boy!!!
Don't tell Grandma, she always says "he's cold! get some clothes on him"
But really he's always HOT. He's just like his Daddy.

California Trip 12/26

December 26th was a sad day for the Zaugg family. It was Clayton's Uncle Dennis' funeral.
It was nice that everyone was already in town for Christmas and we were all able to be there before going back home. After the funeral we had Zacos (special tacos that Dennis created) to honor him.

California Trip 12/25

Clayton's family does the whole Christmas morning thing so we were up with all of them at 7am to see what Santa brought everyone. It was a lot of fun. Throughout the rest of the day Cardon spent time with cousins. He had a great time and loved watching them play. When he wasn't with cousins he was attached to his Auntie Sara. He even got mad when she wasn't holding him or paying him enough attention.