Saturday, November 28, 2009

October 2009

Everyday Cardon is brightening our lives with his smile! He started to really smile in the middle of October. Before that he would mostly just smile when he was sleeping. Now he smiles all the time and we just love it!

Halloween 2009

From Left to Right: Suzi, MaryAnn, Christine, Cardon, Clayton, Michael

Our little family with our pumpkins!

Cardon was a little froggy for Halloween. Here we are at my work's Fall Festival.

Christine- green faced witch,
MaryAnn and Cardon- princess and frog prince
Suzi- Cheerleader
Right before going to their ward's Trunk or Treat party.

Clayton- cheerleader (scary, I know)
Clayton's work had a contest for best costume and he won 2nd place! We got some great gift certificates because of it!

All in all we had a good Halloween!


She has been one of my best friends since I was a little kid. At the beginning of October she moved to Las Vegas!!!! She and her husband live down the road from us! We are together again and loving it! Back in high school we would always say that when we grow up and get married we wanted to be neighbors and our husbands to be friends and ....