Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Took me a while but my blog is up to date! For now at least...

Finally caught up blogging!!!!!!!!
Just threw in the picture for the heck of it...he's just too cute not to.
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Going to the movies for the 1st time!

Friday February 18th, 2011 = Mommy & Cardon Movie Date
Cardon had never been to a movie theater before and we have been wondering how he would do.
When the Justin Bieber movie came out we thought that would be the perfect movie to take him to since he LOVES JB!
Anytime one of his songs or music videos is on he gets excited and starts dancing and clapping.

We started our little outing by going to Del Taco for some lunch on the patio. Vegas weather really is that nice right now! Then we headed over to the theater. We were the only people in the theater during all the previews and then 3 women joined us right before the movie started. I was glad since I wasn't sure how he would react once the lights went out.

He did pretty good! He loved the music and dancing and even danced along. He didn't care for the other parts of the movie and we ended up leaving after an hour since he was starting to get restless.
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Romantic Valentine's Dinner

We had such a nice night in and I made a really delicious dinner (with recipe help from my mom). It was a little late in the evening since Clayton didn't get home from work until 9:30, but I didn't mind, it gave me more time to make sure everything was perfect! We had shrimp cocktail, bread, spicy butternut squash soup, lemon butter salmon, asparagus, and mini chocolate lava cakes with strawberries and tea. We even had a little visitor.... the one in the highchair :) I swear he was asleep but he must have decided to get up and join the party so we let him!
We had such a nice time listening to music and talking. It was nice having a quiet, stress free dinner. It reminded me of when we were dating and Clayton made me a really nice homemade romantic dinner.


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Cardon's date with Auntie

Cardon had the cutest date ever this Valentine's.

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Valentine photo shoot

This year for Valentine's we decided to make some homemade cards that Cardon could take around to a few different family members.
We got him dressed up in his tuxedo that my mom bought for MaryAnn's wedding (hopefully it will fit better by then) and set up a make-shift back drop.
We had a lot of fun with our little photo shoot and although I am NO professional, I think the pictures turned out nice.
Hope everyone had a great Valentine's!
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Cardon's first day in Nursery!!!

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For Christmas we stayed in town this year and spent time with family. Cardon was the star this year and received the most presents of anyone...Surprise, surprise. It was fun to see him open his presents and get excited about things.
This year we tried something a little different. My siblings, their significant others, Clayton and I drew names. The family is getting so big and none of us wanted to go broke this Christmas. We had a blast trying to figure out what to give each other. I drew MaryAnn. I knew exactly what I wanted to give her! She and Mike already had chairs but they didn't have a table so I searched high and low on craigslist (I am the queen of that site) and I found the perfect table for $15! Luckily I had the chairs in my garage already (Clayton and I used them when we were newly married too) and was able to paint the table and chairs colonial red without MaryAnn having the slightest idea. Since I found the table for so cheap I was able to get her some plates and table linens to match. Mike drew my name and got me the BEST sheets ever!!! If anyone knows me well at all they know that I'm obsessed with bed linens. I have several sets and anytime someone comes in town to visit I have an excuse to buy more... I'm crazy I know.

All in all we had a pretty good Christmas and really enjoyed spending that time off from work spending time with family.

For New Year's Eve we had decided to hang out at my parents house to ring in the New Year. We had homemade pizza, played games and watched movies. Then around 10:30pm my mom decided that we needed to go somewhere great to see the fireworks. Normally that would mean a hill, unobstructed field, or tall parking garage but not this year. Some how we ended up on the strip (don't worry, Cardon was at home asleep with Grandpa). Normally we would stay as far away from Las Vegas Blvd. as possible but we had a blast! It's always fun doing something spontaneous with my mom.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Trip to SLC in December

At the beginning of December, Clayton, Cardon, Mike, MaryAnn and myself took a little trip to Salt Lake City.
While there we spent a lot of time with family, celebrated MaryAnn's birthday, took a lot of pictures, played in the snow, and spent some time at Temple Square looking at the lights and watching the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehersal.
We also took a quick trip to Provo for MaryAnn's dress fitting.
(I can't reveal the dress in it's fullness until the wedding in May...sorry)

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So like any typical mom, I'm completely enamored with my child! I take pictures of him doing just about anything. He is so crazy and rotten to the point that I know I got exactly what I deserved! He has a mind for exploring and getting into trouble. He does the most random things that just make you laugh! Every day he gets smarter and cuter!
Here are a few pics of Cardon just being Cardon!
(please excuse the huge pile of laundry...it was wash day and he decided to jump in!)

But even crazy kids must sleep some of the time...

Oh how I love being a Mama! Wouldn't trade it for the world.
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Fun fun day full of Firsts!

November 13th was a great day!
We bundled up Cardon for a day at the Airshow and an evening at Sam Boyd Stadium for a UNLV Football game. It was the first time he'd been to either. He really loves planes and always points them out when one is flying over head. He had fun at the airshow but would probably have enjoyed it more if he was older. We'll try again next year.
As for the football game... it was cold and he really didn't get into it that much. He prefers to watch it on T.V.

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Like Father Like Son

All I have to say is WOW!!!

Clayton has succeeded in getting Cardon hooked on computers and other electronics.

We got Cardon this little kids learning computer for his birthday back in August. It's for ages 4 and up because the one for younger kids didn't have a real screen (just a sticker...please) and we knew it wouldn't fool him. At first he wasn't all that interested but within a month he knew how to turn it on, work the mouse, and push specific buttons that make noises. He still would rather push buttons on Mommy's and Daddy's computers though... We've had to lock the keyboards from the last time he got on and added folders without knowing. Along with computers he is obsessed with remotes of any kind, phones, ipods, and clocks. He set his alarm clock last night without us knowing until 6am when it went off and he decided he was UP for the day!

Gotta love this CRAZY KID!!!
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My 26th birthday, Oct 3, 2010

For my birthday this last year Clayton surprised me and took me to Garfields Restaurant in Summerlin. I had never heard of it before but it was amazing!!! We sat on the balcony that looks over a lake. It was so beautiful and exciting to go somewhere nice. I had the halibut, my favorite! Everything was delicious. Can't wait to go again!

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Taco Bell LOVE

Back in October Clayton and Cardon had a little Father/Son outing. Where did they go?
TACO BELL of course!

It is ridiculous how much we love that place. There is even one in walking distance from our house so we tend to eat there a lot. Plus it's soooo cheap.

The pictures explain it all....

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Today's going to be one of those days...
Our to do list is HUGE today and already Cardon is in a bad mood.
One of the things on the list: update blog

Wish us Luck!!!
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