Monday, December 13, 2010

My sister is getting married!!!

My sister MaryAnn started dating Michael Moon (Mike to us to reduce confusion with our brother Michael) in the spring. He is a truly great guy and fits in with our family really well. He was baptized in May and proposed to MaryAnn in the fall. We couldn't be happier for them. They are such a cute couple! We've had the opportunity to get to know Mike's mom and sister and love them too. Our family has been so blessed.
They are getting married May 7th, 2011.

A big change! Kind of a lengthy post...sorry :)

At the end of August I quit my job at La Petite Academy gasp! I started working for La Petite when I was 16 and had been with the company on and off for years. When I was 17 they let me go due to new age requirements and hired me back as soon as I turned 18. A few months after that I left to work at a Wedding Chapel for a while for a scenery change and hours that worked around my school schedule. After almost a year I was back at La Petite again. It seemed we were made for each other. After a couple years I decided to go on a mission so I left yet another time. This time I was done for good, or so I thought. When I returned home from my mission I got a front desk job at New York New York Hotel and Casino and I really enjoyed it. I mostly worked graveyard so the hours were a little rough but money was good and I was doing well at my job. Unfortunately I wasn't getting enough hours to receive benefits and I am not the kind of person who goes without insurance and the like. I get really nervous about it. So who welcomed me back with outstretched arms again?
La Petite Academy!!!

While working there this last time so much happened in my life. I met and married my wonderful husband, We bought a home, and welcomed Cardon into our lives. I have so many friendships that would have never been discovered if not for working there. I have learned so much, taken so many great classes, experienced so many different things, and been introduced to so many new ideas there. La Petite helped to mold me and make me who I am today. I was given so many opportunities there. I started as an assistant teacher in the infants room and eventually worked with all the age groups as a teacher, lead teacher and later a member of management. I will forever be grateful for all the wonderful people that have entered into my life and helped me along my life path.

Why have I left this time? A combination of different things but mostly to spend more time with my son and it just felt "right". The time had come. I was offered a job as a manager at a friends bookstore and decided to take a risk. The new job offers me flexibility that I have never had before and an opportunity to learn new things and make a difference. I am able to work my schedule around my son and that is a huge blessing!

What's in the cards for my future? I haven't a clue except that the Lord always seems to have something up his sleeve and always knows what's best for me. All I can do is sit down, strap in, hold on tight, and try to prepare myself as best as I can for whatever comes my way.

Cardon's 1st Birthday August 21, 2010

August 21, 2010
Cardon's 1st birthday was fun and exciting for our family. We woke up and cooked eggs with cheese, bacon and orange rolls for our little man. After breakfast was all done with and cleaned up we got all gussied up and headed over to JCPenney for pictures (I'll post those soon).

For lunch we had a little family party at our house. We made chicken salad croissants, 7 layer bean dip, pea salad, a fruit tray, special drinks, and of course Cake! Cardon got his own little cake and everyone else enjoyed matching cupcakes.

We went with a bright blue and green theme to match Cardon's outfit. It was so cute!
Unfortunately he was tired during most of the party since pictures took over his morning nap earlier. He still had fun with his cake and a few presents before completely passing out on his Nonna in the rocking chair.

We love Cardon so much and can't believe that a whole year has passed since he joined our family. We talk all the time about how we can't even imagine our lives without him. He is so smart and comical. He knows when there's an audience and always tries to put on a show.

His favorite things so far include:

taking naps with Grandpa
watching airplanes
jumping on the bed (thanks to Grandpa)
giving kisses to his Aunties
any kind of music
playing with puppies
eating everything (he's not picky at all)
taking baths
climbing up stairs
blankies, especially the fuzzy kind
saying "uh oh!", "Mama", and "Hi Daddoo"

Summer California Trip

During the summer Cardon and I took a trip to California with my mom. We spent time with lots of family and friends. We stopped in Madera and saw my cousins on my mom's side and their children. If was fun to see all the kids around the same ages together. We also got to see Mark and Jennifer's beautiful home!
Once in Modesto we spent a lot of time catching up with the Lemmo's. I miss the days when we lived so close and could hang out all the time. Stevilynn and I went out to lunch and later hung out talking and laughing just like old times. She babysat Cardon for me and boy does he LOVE her!!!

Cardon and I stayed at my Grandma and Grandpa Taylor's house. They live really close to my Papa Tony's house (where my mom stayed). It was so much fun! On my grandma's day to work at the temple my cousin Shea watched Cardon so my mom, aunt Becky, and I could join her up in Oakland. The Oakland temple is the first temple I ever stepped foot in and it was magical to be back there. On another day us girls plus Cardon drove up to the Sacramento area to see my Uncle Brooks' and Aunt AmyAnn's new house. They have a lovely home and a really cute garden. I wish we could have spent more time up there with them.

Clayton's Dad and Step Mom Cathy live in California and were able to meet up with Cardon and myself at the Sacramento Zoo. It was a real treat since we live so far and don't get to see them very often.

All in all it was a really nice trip but we missed Clayton soooo much!!! He says we aren't allowed to leave him home again ever and I agree.... he should just come with us next time!!!!